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Mums-to-be warn of dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy...

A group of mums-to-be are warning of the dangers of drinking during pregnancy, urging women to avoid alcohol altogether for the full nine months.


Balance Update: Minimum pricing would save Scots lives

Balance weekly policy update


Survey reveals burden alcohol places on ambulance staff

Almost half of North East paramedics have been subjected to alcohol-fuelled physical assaults whilst on duty, according to a new survey.


Balance Update: Raising prices of drink, lowering costs

Balance weekly policy update


Balance Update: Sensible guide to limit alcohol use is vital

Balance weekly policy update


Balance Update: Irish alcohol bill delayed until autumn

Balance weekly policy update


Alcohol Declaration inspiring collaborative working

North East leaders have come together to pledge their support to the Local Government Declaration on Alcohol, an initiative which encourages partners to work together at a local level...