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Balance Update: 'No alcohol in early pregnancy'

Balance weekly policy update


North East among England's highest for alcohol-related deaths...

Figures published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reveal that the North East has the second highest rate of alcohol-related deaths in England for both men and women.


Survey finds North East school children highly aware of alcohol...

Primary school children in the North East are more familiar with the Foster's lager brand than popular biscuit, crisp and ice cream brands, according to new research.


Balance Update: Council backs minimum booze price campaign

Balance weekly policy update


Gateshead FC captain reaps the benefits of Dry January

Gateshead skipper Ben Clark has been tackling a different kind of challenge this month as he takes part in Dry January.


Conference calls for alcohol harm to be put on the political...

The alcohol industry's fear of losing customers is why it opposes a minimum unit price, according to a leading liver specialist.


Balance Update: Senior doctors want ban on cheap alcohol

Balance weekly policy update