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The Alcohol Challenge Event

Balance, Public Health England and the North East Liver Network supported by NHS England Clinical Networks are organizing a conference.


Local liver statistics highlight concerns in the North East

Figures published by Public Health England have demonstrated that the North East has the second highest rate of alcohol-specific hospital admissions and the second highest rate of hospital...


Balance policy update: 10million admitted to hospital

Balance weekly policy update


Balance policy update: MUP '50 times more effective'

Balance weekly policy update


Weekly News: Get the facts on Drinkwise

Balance weekly news summary


Weekly News Update: IBA in non-health contexts

Balance weekly news summary


Calls for clearer guidelines around alcohol and pregnancy

No alcohol is the safest option prior to and during pregnancy is the advice from leading North East health professionals as they call for clearer drinking guidelines for parents-to-be....


Open letter from the 12 NE Directors of Public Health

We want to send a clear message to parents-to-be that alcohol and pregnancy donít mix - the safest option is an alcohol free pregnancy.