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Balance Update: Time to turn off tap on cheap alcohol?

Balance weekly policy update


Drink sensibly and stay safe this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, North East revellers are being encouraged to have fun but stay safe over the festive period.


Balance Update: Dying for a drink

Balance weekly policy update


Rise in alcohol-related breast cancer hospital admissions

Almost six women a day are admitted to hospital with alcohol-related breast cancer in the North East.


Breast cancer survivor Janet Forster shares her story

As part of her recovery from breast cancer, Janet Forster has cut back on the amount of alcohol she drinks in a bid to reduce her risk of the cancer returning.


Balance Update: BMA welcomes alcohol price plans

Balance weekly policy update


Figures reveal impact of alcohol on young people in the North...

Almost 900 North Easterners have died from alcoholic liver disease in a three-year period and more than 1 in 10 were under 40.