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TV star says think twice about how much you're drinking

Actress Charlie Hardwick is the voice behind a North East campaign urging women to think twice and limit how much they drink to reduce their breast cancer risk.


Balance Update: Drink 'cause' of liver deaths doubling in 20...

Balance weekly policy update


Call out to the people of the North East to stay dry for 31 days...

Balance, the North East Alcohol office, is challenging people across the region to start the New Year with a clear head by ditching the booze for a month.


Balance Update: Stronger warnings needed over pregnant women...

Balance weekly policy update


North East mouth cancer survivor speaks out to raise awareness...

A North East man who was diagnosed with mouth cancer in his thirties has backed Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, as it aims to highlight the link between alcohol and the condition....


Balance policy update: Under-10s treated for alcohol use

Balance weekly policy update


The Alcohol Challenge Event

Balance, Public Health England and the North East Liver Network supported by NHS England Clinical Networks are organizing a conference.


Local liver statistics highlight concerns in the North East

Figures published by Public Health England have demonstrated that the North East has the second highest rate of alcohol-specific hospital admissions and the second highest rate of hospital...


Balance policy update: 10million admitted to hospital

Balance weekly policy update