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Challenge to ditch the booze for Dry January

One in 10 drinkers in the North East and around 4.2 million people in the UK are planning to ditch alcohol for Dry January 2019, according to a YouGov poll released today.


New campaign advises parents about an alcohol free childhood

North East parents are being warned about the risks to their children from alcohol as a new campaign encourages them to delay the moment when their child first starts to drink.


Call to cut the harm of alcohol and tobacco in Autumn Budget

North East health campaigners are calling on the Government to tackle the crippling toll of alcohol and tobacco and plug much-needed public finances in next week’s Autumn Budget.


Strong support for higher alcohol taxes to help fund public...

New figures released today show that nearly half (49%) of North Easterners support increasing alcohol taxes if the money raised went into funding public services impacted by alcohol...


Drinks companies keeping consumers in the dark about risky drinking...

Multi-national alcohol companies are choosing to ignore advice from the Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) to display important health information on their products, a new study has found....


MPs urged to crack down on cheap alcohol to ease pressure on...

North East campaigners including a bereaved mother, a police officer and a shopkeeper are backing a national campaign calling for the government to reduce the harm drinking has on society...


North East landlords blame cheap supermarket booze for closures...

Cheap supermarket booze rather than alcohol taxes is the main reason why pubs are closing, according to a major new survey of North East landlords - while few have seen any benefit...


Balance calls for an end to industry self-policing

Balance is calling for an end to the alcohol industry “self-policing” the complaints process about its own marketing – including complaints of appealing to children or promoting heavy...


Balance backs North East youth teams ahead of World Cup

Balance is urging for time to be called on alcohol sports sponsorship as millions of children will be exposed to alcohol adverts during the World Cup.


Alcohol Units Challenge highlights confusion over units

How many of us really know how many alcohol units we drink each week? If you’re not sure then you’re in good company!