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Weekly policy update: Alcohol harming too many people

Balance weekly news update


Alcohol experts convene in North East

National and international experts visited the region to talk about how we can reduce alcohol harms in the North East, following the Governmentís decision to delay the introduction...


North Easterners challenged to stay booze free for 31 days

Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, is challenging North Easterners to give up the drink for 31 days in support of Alcohol Concernís Dry January campaign.


New hard-hitting health campaign launches in the North East

Drinkers are being warned that alcohol is in the same cancer causing category as tobacco smoke and asbestos as part of a new hard-hitting health campaign, launched today (Monday) as...


Weekly policy update: UK Illicit alcohol market shrinks

Weekly news summary update


Weekly news update - UK A&Es seeing 'drunk children'

Weekly news summary update


Young people bombarded by alcohol ads

Children and young people are being bombarded by alcohol ads whilst watching family blockbuster films in cinemas across the region, a new study has shown.