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Durham Constabulary's Chief Constable Mike Barton talks Dry January...

"Someone caught me in a moment of weakness sometime around October when January seemed a long time away and I decided to give it a go."


Did Guy Opperman MP stay dry for January?

"I decided to take part in Dry January because I felt that it was a good idea for my health and seemed sensible, having not had a break from alcohol for a couple of years."


Alcohol related deaths still a cause for concern for the North...

Alcohol related deaths are falling across the North East, but the region continues to have some of England’s highest mortality rates.


Government still not tackling cheap alcohol

Colin Shevills, Director of Balance, said: “It is laughable that the Government has introduced a ban on sales of alcohol at below cost (defined as duty plus VAT) as a means to reduce...


Weekly policy update: First motorway pub opens

Balance weekly news update