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Drinkers in the North East at risk of hypertension

On World Hypertension Day drinkers in the North East are being warned about the risks of developing hypertension, which is linked to stroke, heart disease and vascular dementia.


Nearly half a million North East drinkers may be exceeding limits...

New figures suggest nearly half a million adults in the North East are drinking enough alcohol to increase the health risks – with the majority under-estimating their intake and most...


UK Government urged to adopt minimum pricing plan for alcohol...

Health, homelessness and children’s leaders have today urged the government to implement minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol in England..


Cheap supermarket booze is 188% more affordable than 30 years...

New figures highlighting cheap supermarket beer is 188% more affordable than 30 years ago have been described as “extremely worrying” by Balance, fuelling ill health and putting pubs...


Major new report reveals what we think about drink

Eight in 10 North Easterners think the UK’s relationship with alcohol is unhealthy, a major new report has revealed.


Done Dry January? Take more days off in February

Drinkers in the North East are being encouraged to take more days off the booze as a worrying survey found 6/10 people who responded admitting to feeling tempted to pour a drink most...


Delaying introduction of MUP in England will cost NE lives

At least 75 North East lives will be lost if the Westminster Government delays the introduction of a minimum unit price (MUP) in England for five years.


Awareness of drinking guidelines are shockingly low two years...

New figures released today show that less than 1 in 5 people in the North East (16%) are aware of weekly alcohol guidelines, exactly 2 years on since they were launched.


Challenge to start New Year by ditching the booze for 31 days...

Balance is urging friends, families and work colleagues to come together and take on the 2018 Dry January challenge, as a recent YouGov poll found almost one in 10 people in the North...