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Weekly News Update: We need to address drinking problems in older...

Round up of this week's news and policy updates


Weekly news update: Teenagers shunning drugs for healthier lifestyle...

Round up of this weeks news and policy updates


Weekly news update: 1:10 North-East ambulance calls linked to...

Round up of this weeks news and policy updates


Smoking, drinking and drug use – Balance responds

Colin Shevills, Director of Balance, said: “It’s good news that fewer young North Easterners are choosing to drink.


Cost of alcohol related ambulance call outs

“Alcohol is having a devastating effect on the North East, where we have England’s highest rates of alcohol related deaths, hospital admissions and under 18s in treatment.


Weekly news update - Nicola Sturgeon vows to fight industry over...

Round up of this weeks news and policy updates


Balance backs Health Committee report

Balance has today (July 17) welcomed key recommendations set out in the Health Committee’s review of the Government’s Alcohol Strategy.


Weekly news update - Voluntary alcohol labelling pledge on track...

Weekly news and policy round up


Alcohol harms kids' brains and futures

Heavily marketed alcohol is damaging school performance and threatening the future of children in the North East.


Weekly News Update: ACPO backs booze price reform

Round up of the week's news and policy updates