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A responsible industry?

The alcohol industry's latest campaign to inform people about units of alcohol failed to include recommended guidelines in its first burst of activity. They've put that right, but you'll...


News, policy and research update w/e 16/12/11

A round up of the alcohol news, policy and research from the last week.


News, policy and research update w/e 09/12/11

A round up of the alcohol news, policy and research from the last week.


New health figures spark cause for concern

The number of hospital admissions for people in their early 30s with alcoholic liver disease has increased by more than 400% in the North East Ė the national increase stands at 61%....


Open letter from North East liver specialists

When it comes to alcohol and the liver, the general rule is that the volume and duration of consumption determines whether someone will have a problem.


Stop recruiting North East children as the next generation of...

Alcohol advertising is risking the lives and futures of children across the North East by encouraging them to drink early and more, according to a campaign launched today (Monday, Nov...


Successful conference says Enough is Enough

A conference to welcome this year\'s Alcohol Awareness Week and to highlight the second hand harms of alcohol across the North East has been hailed a success.


Enough is Enough conference

Our latest conference, Enough is Enough: Calling Time on Second Hand Harm, is taking place on Friday 11th November.


If itís good enough for Scotland, itís good enough for us

The British Government should follow Scotlandís lead and commit to introduce an alcohol minimum pricing bill.


Pub group's action call on cheap shop alcohol

Stormont needs to move urgently to stop supermarkets selling cheap booze, the body which represents Ulsterís pubs has said.