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Balance Update: Breathalyser blowing strong after 50 years

Balance weekly policy update


Adoptive mum speaks out about risks of drinking in pregnancy

An adoptive County Durham mum who devotes her life to “three little whirlwinds” is this week urging mums-to-be across the country to recognise the issues faced by children whose development...


North East drinkers raising their risks of an alcohol related...

North East drinkers are more likely to be drinking above recommended limits, putting themselves at greater risk of a range of different cancers including mouth, throat, oesophageal...


Pubs call for action on cheap alcohol

British publicans see cheap supermarket alcohol as the single greatest threat to their industry, and support government action to raise prices, according to a new Institute of Alcohol...


Alcohol producers failing to communicate drinking guidelines...

Alcohol brands are failing to inform the public of the drinking guidelines and health harms linked with alcohol, according to research published today in the North East.


Rise in alcohol-related hospital admissions for over 50s in NE...

Around half (51%) of all alcohol-related hospital admissions in the North East are for people over 50, according to an analysis carried out by Balance, the North East Alcohol Office....


Balance Update: Liver disease and alcohol

Balance weekly policy update