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North East continues to suffer at the hands of alcohol

Posted 16/08/12

The North East continues to suffer from some of the highest rates of alcohol harm in England, according to the latest Local Alcohol Profiles for England (LAPE) released today.

The figures from the North West Public Health Observatory reveal that the North East has:

However, the figures also revealed that the North East has the lowest rate of alcohol attributed crime, violent crime and sexual crime.

Mary Edwards, Programme Manager for Alcohol Treatment at Balance, said: “It is extremely concerning that the North East continues to top national tables on alcohol misuse.

“Once again we are the region with the highest rate alcohol related hospital admissions and also the highest for under 18s in England. This is costing us our health, using valuable NHS resources which could be spent treating other patients and costing the North East economy millions each year. The fact is that too many people are drinking too much too often and it is having a devastating impact on the region. It is also worrying that we continue to have England’s heaviest young drinkers and more needs to be done to protect them.

“Although alcohol misuse remains a problem for the region, the crime statistics are encouraging. It is recognition of the great work being carried out by our frontline services.
However, as well as dealing with the problems caused by alcohol, we also need to focus on preventing the problems happening in the first place.

“These figures highlight the importance of setting a minimum price per unit on alcohol, which the Government has backed and will consult on later this year. It is a targeted measure which will increase the price of the cheapest, strongest alcohol – traditionally purchased by younger and heavier drinkers.”