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Weekly New Update: Soaring number of career women 'killed by alcohol'

Posted 01/02/13

National news

Soaring number of career women 'killed by alcohol' and figure is rising faster than men
The number of alcohol-related deaths among career women has soared over the past decade and is now rising faster than among men, figures reveal.  Click here for more...

Why we should not try to drink like the French: Cafe culture 'can be worse than bingeing'
Continental cafe culture is often held up as a model of responsible drinking. But adopting it in Britain would have a detrimental effect on the nation’s health, an expert warned yesterday.  Click here for more...

Alcohol Learning Centre update: merge to Public Health England; user survey; 'beginners toolkit'
The Alcohol Learning Centre (ALC) will become part of the forthcoming Public Health England (PHE) web portal from April 2013. Although its functions may remain the same, an ALC user consultation survey is currently seeking views on use and content of the ALC. Click here for more...

International news

The battle over alcohol pricing
Saskatchewan is a long way from the British boozer and the aisles of High Street supermarkets. But the experience of the Canadian prairie province could have a defining impact on our society.  Click here for more...


Alcohol-related deaths in the United Kingdom, 2011
Click here to access the report