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Weekly News Summary - Doctor backs calls for minimum alcohol price

Posted 29/08/13

Regional News:
Doctor backs calls for minimum alcohol price 
A locally-based doctor has weighed in over the minimum alcohol cost debate, citing a minimum cost of 50p per unit of alcohol as being ideal - read more

Alcohol seized in youth drinking crackdown in Crook
Alcohol has been seized from youths in Crook after police and other agencies led a crackdown - read more 

Alcohol makes depression worse 
Alcohol has been named the third greatest risk factor in the development of disease  - read more

Leeds director in bid to ban alcohol at Elland Road on religious grounds 
A Leeds director wants to ban alcohol from being consumed anywhere within Elland Road to reflect the Muslim beliefs of owners GFH Capital - read more 

Older drinkers need better alcohol advice 
Fuse academics have called for changes to be made to the recommended safe levels of drinking for over 65s - read more 
Beer Ads Break Industry’s Own Guidelines
A growing body of evidence finds that alcohol advertising significantly influences underage and excessive drinking despite industry attempts to regulate content - read more    

Alcohol before first pregnancy raises breast cancer risk, says study  
Research finds women who drank more between first period and first pregnancy more likely to develop breast cancer - read more  

Drop local minimum price plans, council urged  
A Cheshire councillor has called on his own local authority to scrap plans for a minimum unit price on alcohol  -read more 

International News:
Alcohol content cut for Brits 
Australian winemakers are slashing the alcohol content of their overseas ranges in an attempt to woo British customers. - Read more 

Alcohol Sales Could Be Restricted to Card-Only-Payments - Moscow
A State Duma Deputy has drafted a bill that would only allow alcohol to be purchased using bank cards -read more

Ministry memo: Tighter controls, higher taxes for alcohol 
Finland's Ministry of Social Affairs and Health issued a memorandum on Wednesday intended as the basis for revisions to alcohol legislation - read more