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Weekly News Summary - Liver specialists in alcohol price plea

Posted 15/08/13

National News:
Liver specialists in alcohol price plea 
Delay in introducing a minimum unit price puts lives at risk, according to experts from across the North East -read more

Drinking in a cinema near you 
Cinemas across the North East are allowing people to drink more than the equivalent of their weekly recommended units while watching the screening of family films -read more 

Alcohol warning for older drinkers from North East researchers 
Many older people are damaging their health by drinking too much - read more

'Stick to the facts':
Alcohol Concern call for tougher regulation on alcohol advertising  - read more

York council considers late-night alcohol levy 
A late-night levy on licensed premises serving alcohol after midnight is being considered by City of York Council - read more

Alcohol abuse among children on the rise 
Hundreds of young people – including dozens of children – have been admitted to York Hospital for serious alcohol related incidents - read more 

Dry bars: will they be the next big thing?
Alcohol-free cocktail bars are springing up across the country, but can they lure punters away from pubs and clubs - read more

Water down definition of wine to curb binge drinking, U.K. lawmakers urge EU 
LONDON — Wine should be watered down to tackle the problem of middle-class drinking, according to British politicians - read more

International News: 
Turkey is introducing novel warnings on bottles containing alcoholic beverages in a bid to reduce the use of alcohol in the country - read more 

St. Viator High School to start testing students for alcohol  - USA
Students at a Catholic high school will be taking a new test this year — one that's supposed to indicate whether they've consumed alcohol - read more 

Norway risks even higher booze taxes
Norway is considering imposing even higher taxes on alcoholic drinks - read more