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Weekly News Summary - Public health: cutting a deal on minimum price

Posted 22/08/13

Regional News:
Public health: cutting a deal on the minimum price of alcohol
Ministers have abandoned a major public health commitment, but this is no time for local government to walk away - read more

University offers students alcohol-free apartments
IT may not be every student's college dream, but a university is offering alcohol-free accommodation for those who prefer a quieter life - read more 

Drinkaware 2012 report -
reviews impact of activities - but will health groups be convinced? - read more

Alcohol sales drop but Scots are 'still drinking too much' 
Scotland is still drinking too much as a nation health chiefs have warned - read more 

Health ministers want to take the alcohol out of wine  
Low-alcohol wines are set to become the next weapon in the government’s war on problem drinkers -read more  

Waltham Cross alcohol-free zone extended to drug centre location 
Concerns over a rise in alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour in residential streets in Waltham Cross have led to the expansion of a booze ban - read more 

'Stick to the facts': Alcohol Concern call for tougher regulation on alcohol advertising 
Alcohol Concern have called for a major shake up of the alcohol advertising regulation framework - read more 

Pre-loading not just price driven, says new study 
Alcohol policies will continue to fail to impact 80% of young people until the pub trade and policy makers understand the reasons behind pre-loading. - read more 

Certain alcohol brands tied to more ER visits 
According to a new study, understanding the relationship between alcohol brands and their connection to injury may help guide policy  - read more 

International News:
New alcohol policy 'working well' 

The jury of public opinion may still be out, but officials of the Bi-Mart Willamette Country Music Festival in Brownsville were happy with the result - read more

Low alcohol beers seeing a rise in popularity 
Over the last two years, the trend has been to higher alcohol beers - read more 

Half of all drinkers exceed national guidelines 
New research has further dispelled the myth that alcohol misuse is confined to a minority of Australians - read more 

New report recommends public health focus on harmful drinking vs. eliminating consumption 
The traditional public health perspective on alcohol is challenged - read more