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Weekly News Update: A Measure of Change Report

Posted 23/05/14


Four young people treated every day for alcohol-related admissions at Sunderland Royal Hospital
ALCOHOL-RELATED admissions to A&E among young people on Wearside are falling – despite four under 25s attending for treatment every day.  Click here to read more...


UK: Below-cost alcohol ban due to take effect this month:
A long-delayed ban on below-cost price alcohol sales in the UK is due to come into force at the end of this month. Click here to read more...

Adults with alcohol-related brain damage ‘inappropriately’ placed in care homes, medics warn:
A report by medical organisations calls for the development of care pathways and improved diagnosis. Click here to read more...
Does the Bond effect make YOU want a Martini? Films which glamourise drinking 'encourage young people to consume more alcohol':
Glamourised drinking in films is so persuasive it can encourage young people to consume more alcohol, according to new research. Click here to read more...


A Measure of Change: Alcohol since the public health transfer: the first wave of findings from two-part research into the impact of the public health transfer on the prioritisation of alcohol and funding for alcohol services and activity locally.