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Weekly News Update - Balance/ANEC Alcohol conference November 2013

Posted 25/07/13

Regional News:

Balance/ANEC Alcohol conference: 21-22 November 2013
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NHS Hospital Applies for Alcohol License
A hospital belonging to the National Health Service (NHS) trust has reportedly applied for a liquor license - Read more

Crackdown on alcohol disorder promised in Ashington 

Powers which allow police officers to stop people from drinking alcohol in public have been used 40 times so far this year in a Northumberland town - Read more  

Liverpool's alcohol & drug-free bar, The Brink  
The Brink is a revolutionary social venture and is the UK’s first dry bar and restaurant - Read more  

Minimum price for alcohol
Scotland "will not turn its back" on minimum pricing - Read more    

Police Commissioners - Government has failed the region over alcohol pricing
The three North-East Police and Crime Commissioners have taken the unusual step of writing an open letter to the Government criticising the decision to not to go ahead with minimum pricing for alcohol. - Read more

Proposal to introduce an alcohol controlled area in Merstham 
East Surrey residents are being urged to have their say on a proposal to introduce an alcohol controlled area - Read more  

Alcohol-related mortality in deprived UK cities 
Worrying trends in young women challenge recent national downward trends - Read more 

Scottish minimum alcohol price plan opposed 
Five European nations are trying to block Scotland's plans for minimum alcohol pricing - Read more

International News:
Preventing the Harms of Alcohol to Young Australians 

Young Australians are starting to drink at an earlier age, and in ways that put their health at risk - Read more