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Weekly News Update - EU warned to respect ruling over drink price

Posted 30/05/13

National News:

EU warned to respect ruling over drink price.
BRUSSELS has been warned to listen to Scotland's senior judges after they ruled in favour of the Scottish Government's policy of minimum pricing for alcohol.  Click here for more

International News:

Researchers Say Drinking During Puberty Could Lead to Alcohol Problems In Adulthood.
Are kids who drink during puberty more likely than other young people to become heavy drinkers once they are older? Click here for more

Trends in Tobacco and Alcohol Brand Placements in Popular US Movies, 1996 Through 2009
Tobacco and alcohol use in movies could be influenced by product placement agreements.  Click here for more 

Turkish Anti-Alcohol Law Adopted
On 24 May, the Turkish anti-alcohol law was adopted by the national Parliament. According to critics, the adoption of the law is a sign of increasing conservative policies followed by the Turkish government.  Click here for more

Efficiency of brief interventions on alcohol-related risks in occupational medicine
To evaluate the effectiveness of brief interventions (BIs) in reducing alcohol use among hazardous drinkers consulting their occupational doctors.  Click here for more

Alcohol consumption, alcohol dependence and related harms in Spain,
The effect of treatment-based interventions on alcohol dependence.  Click here for more