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Weekly News Update: Government defends policy on alcohol pricing

Posted 18/07/14


Thousands of women drinking too much during pregnancy, figures suggest
The government recommends a limit of four units a week during pregnancy but one hospital recorded 4 women drinking more than 34 units a week . Click here to read more...
Two under-11 children every week are rushed to hospital for DRINKING, new figures show
Over 100 children aged 11 or under rushed to A&E over drinking last year
Among 2,084 under-15s admitted to hospital for alcohol-related reasonsIn total, 7,892 under-18s were seen in 2012/13, according to new statistics
Alcohol Concern branded figures 'a disgrace' and blamed cheap alcohol. Click here to read more...

Any alcohol increases dementia risk, middle aged are warned
Millions of adults will be advised how to reduce the risk of dementia as part of an NHS MOT given from the age of 40. Click here to read more...

Report claims one alcoholic drink a day could be bad for the heart
New research published by the British Medical Journal has claimed a single alcoholic drink a day could be enough to increase the risk of heart disease. Click here to read more...

UK drinks retailers to tackle alcohol misuse
Drinks retailers in the UK have pledged to raise standards on alcohol retailing in an effort to tackle alcohol misuse and encourage responsible drinking. Click here to read more...

Formula One braced for attacks over alcohol sponsorship from road-safety lobby
The road-safety lobby is preparing a public-relations offensive against Formula One over its links with the alcohol industry, having successfully thwarted FIA president Jean Todt’s ambitions of a job at the United Nations. Click here to read more...

Government defends policy on alcohol pricing
The Government has defended its record on alcohol pricing after criticism from Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg who labelled one of its latest measures as “meaningless”. Click here to read more...

Workplace alcohol risk assessments curb excessive drinking
With alcohol consumption becoming an increasing problem affecting the workplace, alcohol self-assessment by employees could provide a solution, according to Don Shenker, director of the Alcohol Health Network (AHN). Click here to read more...

Drinkwise - Parliamentary brief weeks ending 4th and 11th July 2014


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