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Weekly News Update: Moderate drinking in pregnancy 'harms IQ'

Posted 16/11/12

National news

Moderate drinking in pregnancy 'harms IQ'
Drinking one or two glasses of wine a week during pregnancy can have an impact on a child's IQ, a study says.  Click here for more...

Counterfeit alcohol costs UK £1.2bn a year
A study from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) estimates that counterfeit alcohol is costing the Treasury £1.2 billion every year.  Click here for more...

International News

Why having that one relaxed drink could lead to alcohol problems (Aus)
People who have a one drink to cope with stress could face to potential future drinking problems, a study has suggested.  Click here for more...

Booze companies cosy up to Facebook (NZ)
Alcohol brands are snuggling up to young people on Facebook in a bid to infiltrate their friends, a conference has heard.  Click here for more...