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Weekly News Update - North East top of underage drink league

Posted 01/08/13

National News: 

North East is top of underage drink league 
New report has revealed that North East children are the most likely in the country to have tried alcohol and smoking - read more 

Channel 4 among broadcasters reprimanded over alcohol advertising 
Broadcasters including Channel 4 and Discovery have been reprimanded by the advertising regulator for showing alcohol adverts during programmes aimed at under-18s  - read more 

Alcohol and the world of work: International perspectives and solutions conference 
Alcohol Concern conference and workshops, in partnership with CAIS, Drink Wise North West and Glyndŵr University, Wrexham, Wednesday 18 September 2013 - read more 

The drink debate  - Alex Neil Health Secretary
My colleagues and I are fully committed to implementing minimum pricing - read more

Alcohol syndrome babies slip through safety net 
Children in Scotland affected by their mothers drinking alcohol during pregnancy have not been diagnosed - read more 

New scheme could help tackle serious alcohol-related crime in Norfolk and Suffolk 
Police looking to prevent alcohol-fuelled late night violence - read more 

Alcohol applications may face ban 
Councillors could order a blanket ban on alcohol licence applications under an upcoming policy review - read more 

International News:
National Alcohol Policy Alliance formed in Lesotho - South Africa
Civil society organizations in Lesotho have come together to form the Alcohol Policy Alliance Lesotho - read more  

Influence from friends to drink more or drink less  
A cross-national comparison - read more  

Push to ban alcohol ads on the field - Australia 
Alcohol commercials should be banned from television before 8.30pm - read more

Commitments to Reduce Harmful Drinking  - Japan
Brewers Association of Japan launches the STOP! Underage Drinking Campaign - read more