• @IndigoCrowLtd Great to encourage public transport, but shouldn't be suggesting five pints is ok
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  • Sydney's new mocktail 'dry bar' Lentil on the Rocks opens this Friday, offering a non-alcoholic socialising scene http://t.co/Lmk93m2HO7
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  • Pensioners are risking their health by binge drinking behind closed doors via @dailyexpressuk http://t.co/VAGbAfD54L
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Weekly News Update: Protecting Young People from alcohol

Posted 29/06/12

News from around the UK:

End of term... exams over? Talk to your child about alcohol
With the end of term approaching and exams nearing completion, the Public Health Agency (PHA) is urging parents to talk to their child about the risks associated with drinking alcohol. Click here for more...

Charities are providing drugs and alcohol services in place of the NHS
Experts accuse the coalition of putting 'vital' NHS programmes at risk by transferring drugs provision to charities.  Click here for more...

£7m Big Lottery funding to tackle alcohol abuse
The Big Lottery Fund is giving £7m in grants to help tackle alcohol abuse in Northern Ireland. Click here for more...

Alcohol producers on track to deliver labelling health pledge
Alcohol producers are on track to provide health information on 80% of alcohol labels on UK shelves by the end of 2013, according to the Portman Group.  Click here for more...

Scottish ban fails to impact alcohol
A report by NHS Scotland has shown “no obvious change” in alcohol sales as a result of the ban on multibuy promotions on alcohol in Scotland.  Click here for more...

Alcohol to be banned on Scottish trains
Alcohol is being banned from Scottish trains in the evenings and mornings, following concerns about drink-fuelled anti-social behaviour.  Click here for more...

Regional news:

Protecting young people from the dangers of alcohol
BALANCE is continuing its campaign to protect children and young people from alcohol, as new figures have revealed that the North-East has the highest rate of under-18s in specialist alcohol treatment in England – twice the national rate.  Click here for more...

International news:

Alcohol fuels rise in British arrests abroad
The number of Britons arrested or detained overseas has increased by six per cent in the past year, new Foreign Office figures show.  Click here for more...