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Weekly news update - Voluntary alcohol labelling pledge on track

Posted 13/07/12

News from around the UK:

Almost half the adults in Cardiff drink too much
Almost half of adults in Wales’ capital city drink more than the recommended daily amount, according to a new report by public health experts.  Click here for more...

Voluntary alcohol labelling pledge on track says Portman Group
The Portman Group, the alcohol industry's social responsibility body, has said alcohol producers are on track to deliver their pledge to provide health information on 80% of alcohol labels by the end of December 2013.  Click here for more...

Centra apologises and withdraws ‘Children’s Allowance Day’ beer offer
The company said in a statement that it has instructed the retailers who had been distributing the leaflet, two in Dublin and one each in Wicklow and Offaly, to withdraw the promotion immediately.  Click here for more...

Alcohol 'Reduces Risk of Arthritis'
A small tipple can halve the risk of women developing rheumatoid arthritis, new research shows.  Click here for more...

An Evaluation of the Option 2 Intensive Family Preservation Service
Finding more effective ways of working with serious parental alcohol (and drug) misuse has become a major policy concern. Around 60% of children entering care involve serious drug or alcohol problems (Forrester and Harwin, 2011). Increasing numbers of children are entering care, with alcohol and drug misuse considered to be one of the main reasons for this increase.  Click here for more...

Government puts off consultation on alcohol minimum price
The Government has delayed its plans to bring in minimum pricing for alcohol, after a consultation due for the summer was put back.  Click here for more...

Regional news:

Campaigners’ plea over underage drinkers
Drink campaigners are calling for tougher measures to stop South Tyneside youngsters ruining their futures.

News from abroad:

Universities 'responsible' for binge drinking
University taverns would be closed, alcohol education incorporated into every degree and compulsory volunteer work made a condition of graduation under ideas raised by a panel of eminent West Australians yesterday.  Click here for more...

Key keeps mum on alcohol advice
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is refusing to say whether or not he is seeking advice from his chief science adviser Professor Sir Peter Gluckman on alcohol law reform.  Click here for more...

Labour calls for ban on alcohol advertising
Labour is continuing to take a hard line on alcohol reform by proposing greater restrictions on advertising.  Click here for more...

'Alarming' rate of foetal alcohol syndrome
Alcohol Healthwatch lobbyists say the Government has a huge responsibility to address what is being described as a big increase in the number of children with foetal alcohol syndrome.  Click here for more...