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Weekly News Update: We need to address drinking problems in older age

Posted 10/08/12

National news

Young people 'not visiting pubs' say beer campaign group
The number of young people drinking in pubs has fallen sharply over the past few years, according to new research.  Click here for more...

We need to address drinking problems in older age
There is a large gap in service provision for older people with alcohol problems. Old age psychiatry services in the UK are still only able to take on older people with dual diagnosis problems; those who have both substance misuse and an accompanying mental disorder such as depression, dementia or a psychotic disorder.  Click here for more...

International news

Advertising watchdog slams alcohol companies (Aus)
Alcohol companies targeting young people through promotions and sport sponsorship, have been slammed in the first report from a new advertising watchdog.  Click here for more...