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Weekly policy udate - Alcohol costs Northumberland county over 1bn

Posted 30/01/14

National News: 

Dying for a drink? Regular alcohol raises the risk of skin cancer by 55 per cent, claims study
Compound in drink can lead to greater chance of tumours - read more 

Alcohol abuse among over 50s has increased since the financial crisis
The level of  ‘problematic drinking’ among older people has risen since 2010, a major new study has revealed. - read more 

Grants available to reduce alcohol related anti-social behaviour in young people 
A new fund is available for small projects that are aimed at that are aimed at reducing alcohol related anti-social behaviour in young people - read more 

Alcohol seized in raid of store in Mollison Way, Edgware  
Thousands of litres of illicit booze were seized in a raid by custom officers and police. - read more  

Alcohol-free bar becomes first ever in the East Midlands 
A bar is opening in Nottingham which will only serve non-alcoholic cocktails - read more  
Violence in Norwich sparks call to limit sale of high alcohol drinks  
A call has been made to stop the sale of super-strength alcohol in the heart of Norwich’s clubland, after a recent spate of violence -read more 

Special day will raise awareness of alcohol and drug issues  
A recovery  day in Dorset aims to celebrate the recovery process and raise awareness - read more   
Regional News:  
Alcohol costs the county over £1bn
New figures released by Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, have revealed that alcohol is costing Northumberland over £120million each year - read more 

International News: 
New alcohol laws: overkill or overdue?
State Parliament will be recalled this week to pass laws designed to curb alcohol and drug-fuelled street violence. Will the plan work? - read more  

Alcohol – The Hidden Poison
“Between 1992 and 2001, more than 31,000 deaths were attributed to alcohol consumption. “ Australian Government - read more