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Weekly policy update: Alcohol harming too many people

Posted 05/12/13

National News:
Alcohol harming too many people

The Herald's "loveLife campaign" highlights the various ways that alcohol is harming large numbers of people in Plymouth. -read more 

Police chief in attack on key alcohol policy
Scotland's most senior police officer has said that a key piece of government policy has made no impact on under-age drinking - read more

Beer brands rapped for implying alcohol improves popularity
An advert for an alcohol industry initiative to kickstart beer sales in the UK has been banned for suggesting drinking alcohol makes people more popular - read more

Alcohol deaths higher in Scotland than comparable parts of England
People in central Scotland are more likely to die from alcohol-related causes than those in comparable parts of northern England, according to an NHS study. - read more

Police call for review of alcohol licence for Wisbech
A Wisbech convenience store could have its licence stripped away after selling a bottle of wine to two under age girls - read more

The killer combination of alcohol and tobacco 
New research has highlighted that people are still unaware of the risks posed by the deadly duo of smoking and drinking alcohol to excess - read more

International News:
Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Associated With Poor Brain Development
A new study by neuroscientists at the University of California, Riverside shows how prenatal exposure to alcohol severely disrupts major features of brain development - read more

Greens support calls to reduce alcohol related harm in the NT
The Australian Greens have welcomed the release of the Aboriginal Peak Organisations NT report ‘Grog in the Territory', arising from the Central Australian Grog Summit held in July 2013 - read more 

Energy drinks plus alcohol pose a public health threat
Mixing energy drinks with alcohol is riskier than just drinking alcohol alone, according to a new study that examines the impact of a growing trend among young adults. - read more  

Alcohol policy survives council
Tauranga City councillors adopted the policy this week, with some taking the opportunity to complain the policy, as it stands, doesn’t go far enough to reduce alcohol harm -read more 

Unanimous adoption of measures to curb alcohol-related violence  
The Chairman of the Tamworth and District Liquor Accord says new measures designed to reduce alcohol related crime in Tamworth will be implemented as soon as possible - read more