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Weekly policy update: Introduction of MUP for alcohol in Ireland

Posted 25/10/13

National news:

Alcohol Poll: Half Of Kids See Parents Drunk
Almost half of 10 to 14-year-olds have seen their parents drunk, according to new research.  Click here for more...

UK councils warned over minimum alcohol pricing moves
Click here for more...

Minimum price for alcohol to be introduced in Ireland
Cabinet decides to proceed with range of measures but proposed sports sponsorship ban kicked to touch.  Click here for more

Regional news:

£19.6m: Sunderland's Whopping Health Bill To Care For City's Daytime Drinkers
Hospital admissions from regular heavy drinkers equates to £19.6m a year. The remaining £6.7m comes from A & E attendances, typically associated with binge drinking. Click here for more...

Public Health England has released the latest statistics for alcohol treatment activity in England 2012-13
Services to treat people with alcohol dependence in England are ‘performing well’, according to the latest annual statistics released by Public Health England.  Click here for more...

International news:

Concert promotion derided for alcohol content (Taiwan)
Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corp (TTL) is under fire for its targeting of young people in a “buy-beer-in-exchange-for-ticket” promotion of a music concert.  Click here for more...

Australian alcohol ads under siege (Aus)
Pressure continues to grow on alcohol advertising in Australia as a new survey shows that two thirds of people there think alcohol sponsorship and sport do not mix. Click here for more...