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Weekly Policy Update: Minimum alcohol pricing lowers crime

Posted 04/04/14

National news:

Chief medical officer criticises alcohol offers in supermarkets, shops and bars
England's chief medical officer has criticised "irresponsible" supermarkets, shops and bars for enticing customers to buy "ever greater quantities of alcohol", and signalled a continuing fight with ministers over the need for minimum unit pricing.  Click here for more...

Minimum alcohol pricing ‘lowers crime'
Minimum alcohol pricing would reduce drink-fuelled crime in Ireland and save a life every day, an addiction expert has claimed.  Click here for more...

WKD Facebook ads barred for linking alcohol with a confidence boost
Alcopop brand WKD has had a number of ads on its Facebook page banned by the advertising watchdog because their content implied alcohol could enhance confidence and was key to a successful social event. Click here for more...

Minimum alcohol pricing and ban on e-cigarettes could be introduced in Wales under radical new proposals to improve the nation's health.
The Welsh Government is publishing a white paper outlining a number of measures to tackle major public health challenges. Click here for more..

Delay in minimum pricing of alcohol 'is costing lives'
A delay in bringing in a key policy aimed at tackling Scotland's problem with alcohol is costing lives, leading experts have warned. Click here for more...

Doctors challenge whisky industry on minimum price rules
A group of doctors has written an open letter to the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) asking it to drop its opposition to minimum price rules for alcohol. Click here for more...

Drinkwise Weekly Parliamentary Briefing: 24th - 28th March 2014

Regional news:

North-East police and crime commissioners hit out at Government's refusal to adopt minimum unit price for alcohol
In a joint statement the PCCs for Cleveland, Durham and Northumbria, claim that a proposal to ban the cheapest alcohol from sale will not work and represents a lost opportunity. Click here for more...