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Welsh Government plans to introduce minimum unit pricing

 MUP is a measure which increases the price of the cheapest, strongest alcohol

MUP is a measure which increases the price of the cheapest, strongest alcohol

Posted 23/10/17

Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, has welcomed news of the Welsh Government's move to introduce a bill for a minimum unit price in Wales.

Sue Taylor, Partnerships Manager at Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, commented: “Today's move by the Welsh Government to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol is a welcome one. The Welsh Government should be applauded for its willingness to tackle the real harms associated with cheap alcohol and to put the public’s health and wellbeing above the commercial interests of the alcohol industry.

“Cheap alcohol causes some of the worst problems in our communities and places a huge burden on our emergency services at a time when they are coping with significant budget pressures. In the North East, we suffer with some of the highest rates of alcohol-related hospital admissions and around 230,000 alcohol-related crimes every year, yet alcohol continues to be sold at pocket money prices.

“Minimum unit price is an evidence based measure targeted at the cheapest, most harmful alcohol consumed by the heaviest drinkers. We know that its introduction would barely affect moderate drinkers and leave pub prices untouched, but it would save lives, reduce hospital admissions, cut crime and lesson some of the pressure on our overworked emergency services.

“With both Scotland and Wales committing to the introduction of a minimum unit price, we urge the Westminster Government to quickly follow suit and introduce a policy widely supported by people in the North East, which would make a real difference to families and communities around the country.”