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Our Campaigns

Raising awareness of the dangers of drinking too much, too often, is part of the day job. However, sometimes we need to make a bigger noise around a big issue to reach as many people as possible. This is where our campaigns come in.

Enough is enough
Alcohol misuse is having a devastating impact on our region. The North East has the highest rate of alcohol related hospital admissions in England and half of all violent crime is linked to alcohol.

Importantly, it’s not just the lives of individual drinkers that are being ruined. We’re all paying the price. We’re all exposed to the ‘second hand’ harms of other people’s drinking.

Too much alcohol is fuelling anti-social behaviour, assaults and domestic violence. It’s jamming-up A&E departments and monopolising the valuable time of our nurses, paramedics and police officers.

Cleaning up the aftermath is costing each of us hundreds of pounds a year in taxes.

We say that enough is enough. Our campaigns provide people with the opportunity to have their say and to do it in one strong, loud voice that cannot be ignored - see the links on the left for more.