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There is a lot of information, publications and reports on alcohol and its impact - and we want to ensure you have access to one central source to access them. Search below for publications by topics, geographical area or date.

01 August 2011

New Media, New Problem

Alcohol marketing on the internet is growing rapidly, with the alcohol industry utilizing a range of new and interactive techniques to reach existing and...

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30 June 2011

Achieving positive change

Achieving Positive Change in the Drinking Culture of Wales

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17 June 2011

Young people, alcohol and influences

Study examining the levels and patterns of drinking among students in Years 9 (aged 13-14) and 11 (aged 15-16) in England.

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01 April 2011

White Cider Report

Study to explore the impact of white cider consumption on the health of homeless people.

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02 February 2011

South Tyneside LAPE Profile

Local alcohol profiles for South Tyneside

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01 February 2011

An unhealthy mix?

Alcohol industry sponsorship of sport and cultural events

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01 January 2011

Alcohol and health factsheet

Alcohol misuse is a major cause of illness, injury and death and is linked to more than 60 medical conditions and diseases.

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01 January 2011

Alcohol and the economy factsheet

Alcohol misuse costs our economy in a variety of ways.

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01 January 2011

Alcohol and young people factsheet

Key facts and figures on the impact of young people drinking too much too often.

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01 January 2011

Alcohol consumption factsheet

A look at how much and how often you can drink safely - and the implications of drinking too much.

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