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There is a lot of information, publications and reports on alcohol and its impact - and we want to ensure you have access to one central source to access them. Search below for publications by topics, geographical area or date.

01 January 2011

Alcohol, crime and disorder factsheet

The emergency services and criminal justice service are confronted daily with the results of alcohol related crime.

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02 November 2010

Alcohol consumption and family life

Study examining how parents teach young children (aged 5 to 12) about alcohol. Exploring parental attitudes towards alcohol, and family drinking practices....

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01 November 2010

A drinking nation

The relationship with alcohol in Wales

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01 October 2010

Overexposed Alcohol marketing during the World Cup 2010

Alcohol producers and advertisers subjected over a million children to alcohol marketing during the England games at the world cup in 2010

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02 August 2010

Alcohol and calories

Weight gain is a major concern for many individuals, and not just for cosmetic reasons.

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01 July 2010

Crime in England and Wales 2009/10

Findings from the British Crime Survey and police recorded crim

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03 June 2009

Alcohol and the workplace

Institute of Alcohol Studies factsheet on alcohol and the workplace

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01 June 2009

The Practical Guide for Preventing and Dealing with Alcohol-Related...

Provides the strategy, tactics, powers and key legislative provisions that deal with alcohol-related problems in these areas but it is not all inclusive....

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01 May 2009

The Price is Right - protecting communities through action on...

Alcohol Concern report investigating the relationship between the price of alcohol, consumption levels and alcohol-related harm.

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01 May 2009

The Price is Right - protecting communities through action on...

Alcohol consumption in the UK has risen markedly in the last 70 years. Evidence shows that the higher the alcohol consumption level of a country, the greater...

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