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Crime and disorder

There is a strong relationship between alcohol and crime. Almost half of all crime is alcohol-related and it is having a significant impact on individuals and communities.

Quite simply there is a greater likelihood of being involved in crime, as a victim or an offender, when you’re under the influence of alcohol.

Every year alcohol misuse contributes to around 1.2m incidents of violent crime in England and studies show that as alcohol consumption increases, so does violent offending.

People who drink before going out for the night are more likely to be involved in a fight and around half of all violent incidents take place at the weekend (when binge drinking is at its peak). Alcohol is also involved in 40% of domestic violence cases.

And let’s not forget the significant impact it has on our police and other public services. The annual cost of alcohol-related crime in the North East is estimated to be somewhere in the region of £424-567 million.

Did you know?

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