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For Businesses

Alcohol misuse affects everyone – that means it affects your employees. A third of North Easterners drink at or above the Government’s recommended limits on daily or almost daily basis and a fifth binge drink on a weekly basis.

Drinking too much, too often has an impact in the workplace. Increased absences, reduced productivity, fractured relationships and accidents can be the result of too much to drink on an evening.

To get the most from your people, you need them to be functioning at the highest level, not hungover, distracted and wishing they were at home sleeping it off.

By getting involved, you can help educate and inform your staff towards living happier, healthier and more productive lives – which benefits everyone, not to mention your bottom line.

Support our campaign

It sounds clichéd, but today’s young people are the future of business across the North East.

Balance is currently running a campaign to limit young people’s exposure to alcohol advertising – which is a key factor in encouraging them to start drinking too early and consume more.

Research shows that the earlier someone begins drinking, the greater the risk that they will fail to reach their full potential.

By backing our campaign to restrict alcohol advertising, you are helping to safeguard that potential, which may one day benefit your company.

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