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Here are some of our frequently asked questions about how you can get involved.

Q How will you achieve it?

As we’ve shown elsewhere on this site, there are several reasons why consumption is too high. We need to address these reasons one at a time, gathering support and demonstrating that support to Government.

Q What does Balance want to achieve?

 We want to reduce alcohol consumption across the North East. By reducing consumption, which is the root cause of the problems we face which are damaging our health, draining our wealth and threatening our safety, we will start to make this happen.

Q What are the benefits to me?

Alcohol misuse affects everyone – that means it affects your employees. A third of North Nasterners drink at or above the Government’s recommended limits on daily or almost daily and a fifth binge drink on a weekly basis.

Drinking too much, too often has an impact in the workplace. Increased absences, reduced productivity, fractured relationships and accidents can be the result of too much to drink on an evening.

To get the most from your people, you need them to be functioning at the highest level, not hungover, distracted and wishing they were at home sleeping it off.
By getting involved, you can help educate and inform your staff towards living happier, healthier and more productive lives – which benefits everyone, not to mention your bottom line.

Q What difference can I make?

 Change isn’t going to happen overnight and we can’t do it alone. We need to build an army to demonstrate the strength of feeling supporting the fact that something needs to be done to reduce consumption and the problems it causes. This building process will take time for us to have a meaningful impact but we need to start somewhere. We will do this by gathering support one by one – this is where you come in.

Visit our campaigns section to sign up now – and spread the word to friends, family and colleagues. Together, we can make a difference.

In terms of day to day involvement, businesses are advised to ensure that they have an alcohol policy in place to help employers, managers and employees deal with alcohol misuse related issues.