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Alcohol and Covid-19: A Perfect Storm

Alcohol and Covid-19: A Perfect Storm


Alcohol and Covid-19: A Perfect Storm

  • 855,000 people in the North East drinking above recommended limits in 2020 with men and middle aged the heaviest drinkers
  • Balance unveils most detailed study of any English region into drinking patterns during pandemic

Around 855,000 North East adults and 60% of male drinkers were drinking above low risk limits during 2020 . And nearly 1 in 4 heavier drinkers ended up drinking more.

Those are the worrying findings from a survey by Balance, thought to be the largest in-depth study of alcohol use in any English region during the pandemic.

Balance is warning that 2020 saw a “perfect storm” with alcohol and Covid, more people experiencing anxiety and mental health problems , advertising campaigns encouraging people to drink alcohol to cope, and a record year for alcohol deaths.

The survey also showed worryingly low awareness of many of the health risks associated with alcohol, but strong public support for a range of policies to protect health, kids and communities from alcohol harm.

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