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We are continually shaping the news agenda to keep people thinking about alcohol misuse – the problems, the causes and solutions and showing them how they can get involved and make a change.

15 July 2021

Alcohol and Covid-19: A Perfect Storm

Deaths from alcoholic liver disease increased by a staggering 20.8% during the Covid-19 pandemic, by far the highest yearly increase on record fuelled by rising consumption of wine and spirits, especially amongst the heaviest drinkers.


17 June 2021

Campaigners highlight ethics of alcohol product placement during Euros

Health campaigners are highlighting the inappropriateness of big alcohol brands sponsoring high profile sports events, such as the ongoing European Football Championships.


29 May 2021

Balance calls for minimum unit price for alcohol (MUP) in England

Following a record year in 2020 for alcohol deaths, North East campaigners are calling on the Government to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol in England, as a new study shows that the policy is having a lasting impact on some of the heaviest-drinking households in Scotland and Wales.

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