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Example health warning label

Example health warning label

Surely we have a right to know?

If like tobacco, alcohol can cause cancer, surely we have a right to know so we can make an informed choice about whether we drink, or how much we drink?

Alcohol is linked to more than 60 medical conditions including cancer; but currently almost half of all North Easterners (45%) are drinking at increasing and high risk levels and awareness of the associated health harms in the region is low:

• 26% of people do not think that drinking alcohol increases the risk of cancer.
• Almost two thirds of people do not associate alcohol with breast cancer.
• 43% of people do not associate alcohol with mouth and throat cancer.

We need to increase the awareness of the health harms associated with alcohol consumption, ensuring that people are given enough health information to make their own informed choices.

Despite being classed in the same cancer-causing category as tobacco and asbestos, alcohol labelling is even less regulated than food labelling. Under current EU legislation, food products and soft drinks are subject to labelling regulations which mean that information covering ingredients and nutritional value is mandatory - alcohol is exempt from this.

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Join us in calling on Government to make health information mandatory on all alcohol products so that we can all fully assess the risks and then make informed choices about how much we drink. We need your support to make this happen - use the links above Contact Your MP or Tweet Your Support