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The Evidence

Our drinking is damaging the health, wealth and safety of people and communities in the North East. But don’t just take our word for it.

Here we look at the evidence. Figures, statistics and reports taken from reliable and reputable sources. The evidence relates to problems alcohol causes, the impact is has on the North East and research which substantiates the solutions we are proposing.

We also ensure we update these figures as when new reports and research come out to ensure we are giving you the most recent and relevant facts and figures.

Further reading

26 August 2020

Drinking in the Dark

Drinkers are being kept in the dark about how to minimise the risks from alcohol as a major survey shows producers are failing to include basic health...

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25 March 2019

Alcohol in the North East - Are we kidding ourselves? 2019

Alcohol in the North East - Are we kidding ourselves?

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08 November 2018

Minimum Unit Price Impact in the North East Stakeholder Event...


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16 October 2018

Alcohol Charter 2018

Drugs, Alcohol & Justice Cross-Party Parliamentary Group and APPG on Alcohol Harm - Alcohol Charter

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30 August 2018

Views from behind the bar - North East Landlord survey 2018

Report showing findings of Balance's North East landlord survey

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